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Bring Back the Fun.

Consulting Services

At Curriculum Fix, LLC, we engage individuals and teams in educational, museum, and corporate settings to develop, rethink, implement, and assess the impact of their curriculum, training, and team building programs.
In additional to connecting you with the lessons, projects, and units you need, we offer both training and coaching to optimize both implementation and assessment. 

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Curriculum Packages

All of our lessons, projects, and units include 
detailed lesson plans, student worksheets, time tables for implementation, options for differentiation, and assessment tools.

Our mission is to help teachers both challenge and support their students through curriculum that builds durable, transferable executive functioning skills while offering student choice and celebrating student voice.
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Susan Trencansky is a curriculum specialist, educational consultant, and writer based in Providence, Rhode Island.

Over her twenty-nine years as a classroom teacher, Susan earned a reputation for designing lessons, projects, and units that incorporate cross-curricular connection, build executive functioning skills, offer opportunities for student choice, and engage students in experiential learning.    

She was a recipient of the Stevenson Award for Excellence in Teaching,

her curriculum was featured in Tony Wagner's Most Likely to Succeed, and

student work for her Artwork to Poetry project was selected for national exhibit in the U.S. Department of Education. 

As a certified life and health coach, Susan partners with homeschooling parents and classroom teachers to develop, implement, and assess curriculum that brings the joy back into learning.

"The Artwork to Poetry unit demonstrates a deep understanding of the power and connection between multiple art forms, namely impressionism and poetry writing. Building relationships between these art forms and allowing students to discover the connectedness through their learning empowers them to own their understanding of and ability to write poetry in a truly unique way."

Alison Lewkowitz, 6th Grade Teacher

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