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A note about pricing...


You will notice that each curriculum package is offered at four different price levels. Your purchase should reflect the number of teachers requiring a site license for the curriculum.

"Homeschooler/Pod" is a single-family or homeschool pod site license, indicating that ONE family or pod is purchasing the material for their child/children ONLY. 

"Classroom" is a single-classroom site license, indicating that ONE teacher is purchasing the material for their class ONLY. .

"School" is a multi-classroom, one-building site license, indicating that MORE THAN ONE TEACHER at a grade level and/or teachers at more than one grade level in a school intend to access and/or implement the curriculum. 

"District" is a multi-classroom, multi-building site license, indicating that the curriculum will be accessed by and/or implemented by teachers in more than one school and/or at more than one grade level within a district. 

Thanks for taking the time to check that you've chosen the price level that aligns with your site license needs!

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